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Color:Clear / No Tint

Sale price$650.00

Our classic squared rame made with crossgrained walnut and a carbon fiber core with adjustable earpieces. Introducing our Yakisugi-inspired walnut eyewear collection, a testament to the artistry found in nature. Each pair, meticulously crafted from walnut, captures the rustic elegance of Yakisugi, the ancient Japanese technique of charred wood. The frames, adorned with the texture and depth reminiscent of Yakisugi, become canvases reflecting the poetic beauty of nature's transformation. These eyepieces embody the spirit of organic refinement, celebrating the harmony between craftsmanship and the natural world. Embrace the profound connection between earth and art with our Yakisugi-inspired eyewear, adorning your eyes with the essence of nature's timeless poetry and exquisite craftsmanship. Elevate your style with the soulful elegance of Yakisugi.

Yakisugi charred Straight Grain Walnut: Yakisugi - The Hero - Square

SKU: SC-1023-Square-Clear / No Tint-Small
Yakisugi charred Straight Grain Walnut: Yakisugi - The Hero - Square Sale price$650.00

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