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HD Digital


Diamond AR

Premium Anti-glare, scratch resistance + 2yr scratch warranty

20/20 Guarantee

Your vision is our priority which is why all lenses come with 60 day vision warranty

Recycled Lens waste

Our lens lab recycles all lens waste and operates on solar power

I get get asked about my glasses all the time but I seriously have never worn lenses this good. I love the compliments but I LOVE LOVE the vision!

I had no idea the difference in lens quality out there. I thought I had bought nice glasses at Warby Parker. I was sorely mistaken. Your lenses are another animal.

Matthew 6:22
"The eye is the lamp of the body."

Charting a Course for Crystal-Clear Vision

Front Mapping Precision

This video illustrates our 'Front Mapping' technique, marking 14 key points and base curve, ensuring your lenses are tailored to perfection for uncompromised clarity and precision.


Illuminating the Path to Exceptional Optics

Laser Test Insights

Witness our advanced 'Linear Laser Test' method, meticulously analyzing light passage through our lenses, guaranteeing optimal vision quality and refining your visual experience.


Crafting Perfection, Frame by Frame

Full control Lens Lab

Step behind the scenes to explore our 'Full Control' lens lab, where every detail is managed with precision, ensuring each lens meets our highest standards of quality and accuracy.


Defending Your Vision, Enhancing Your Experience

Advanced Coating Technology

Discover our specialized 'Coatings,' featuring oleophobic, hydrophobic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, designed to safeguard your lenses and enhance your visual clarity in every environment.