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Article: Frameship Log: 158

Frameship Log

Frameship Log: 158

Date of conception: 12/16/2023
Frame iD: swo158

Frame Info: Rectangular Bauhaus  / A = 55 / B = 37 / DBL = 19

Frame Story: Crafted through a collaborative effort with James Gunn, a prominent visual artist and storyteller on the global stage, these custom lenses hold profound significance. We take immense pride in creating the very lenses through which Mr. Gunn perceives the world. Serving as more than just eyewear, this custom frame stands as a poignant symbol of artistic inspiration, having traveled alongside Mr. Gunn across the globe. Originating from diverse corners of the world, the components of this frame unite harmoniously, forming a mosaic of creative expression.

Materials: Wood Species = Bocote,Wenge,Poplar Dyed: Grey Cordia spp,Millettia laurentii,Liriodendron tulipifera


Bocote (Cordia spp.) hails from the tropical hardwoods of Central and South America, showcasing a unique visual identity. Renowned for its striking grain patterns, often adorned with dark brown or black streaks on a lighter backdrop, this wood is a favored choice in woodworking. Furniture, turned objects, and knife handles are among the creations that benefit from Bocote's aesthetics.

Wenge, originating from West Africa, is celebrated for its deep, distinctive color and durability. Traditionally employed in the crafting of premium furniture and musical instruments.

Our Gray Dyed Poplar is sustainably sourced from Europe. Thriving in diverse climates and characterized by rapid growth, this wood is an environmentally friendly choice. Our poplar is dyed in a hyperbaric chamber opening the cells walls under extreme pressures allows the dyes to fully infuse with the poplar.  This process creates a long lasting luster developing a natural patina over time.


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