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Article: Behind the Frames: Log 01 - Picasso Inspired “Mirrored Beauty”

Behind the Frames: Log 01 - Picasso Inspired “Mirrored Beauty”

Behind the Frames: Log 01 - Picasso Inspired “Mirrored Beauty”


Welcome to our first "Mirrored Beauty" production log, where we unveil the artistic journey of creating eyewear inspired by the timeless beauty of Picasso's masterpieces. Join us as we delve into the unique blend of artistry and craftsmanship that goes into each pair of these distinctive frames.
Behind the Concept:

Our "Mirrored Beauty" collection draws inspiration from the captivating essence of Picasso's work, translating the vibrancy and complexity of his art onto wearable masterpieces. Each frame is a canvas, and our workshop is the studio where art comes to life.
Crafting the Frames:
Design Inspiration:

Our design process begins by studying Picasso's abstract shapes, bold lines, and captivating use of color. We carefully select elements that resonate with the essence of "Girl in Front of a Mirror" while ensuring a seamless transition to the three-dimensional form of eyewear.

Hand-Painting Process:

Rococo meticulously hand-paints each frame, paying homage to Picasso's brushstroke technique. The result is a fusion of art and eyewear.

Image 3: Artisan at Work
Art in motion: An artisan bringing the Picasso-inspired design to life.

Color Palette:

The color palette is carefully curated to echo the hues found in the original artwork. From bold reds to subtle blues, each frame reflects the emotion and energy of Picasso's iconic piece.

Image 4: Inspired Color Palette
Color harmony: Exploring the vibrant palette inspired by "Girl in Front of a Mirror."

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