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Color:Clear / No Tint

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Our classic squared rame made with crossgrained walnut and a carbon fiber core with adjustable earpieces. This versatile and sustainable wood originates from North America, Europe, and Asia. Its rapid growth in diverse climates makes it an eco-conscious choice. Our dyed Poplar frames are infused with vibrant colors using a high-pressure chamber, ensuring long-lasting, deeply rich hues,Louro Preto is renowned for its elegant appearance, featuring a warm mellow brown color with striking black veins that weave through the wood, creating intricate patterns. This distinctive look makes it a sought-after choice for high-end woodworking projects. Its quartered cut further enhances the wood's visual appeal, adding depth and character. Louro Preto is often used in furniture making, cabinetry, and decorative veneers, where its unique grain patterns and rich coloration add a touch of sophistication to any crafted item.,Originating from West Africa, particularly West Africa, Wenge is known for its distinctive dark color and durability. Historically used in crafting high-end furniture and musical instruments, responsible sourcing is vital due to concerns about overexploitation,This flitch of White Ebony wood showcases a distinctive and rare creamy white/yellow background, creating a striking contrast that adds a brilliant accent to our eyewear. Its uniqueness lies in its exceptional coloration, setting it apart as a rare gem in the world of woodworking.

Poplar Dyed: Grey,Louro Preto,Wenge,Royal White Ebony: Angle Cut - The Hero - Square

SKU: SC-2005-Square-Clear / No Tint-Small
Poplar Dyed: Grey,Louro Preto,Wenge,Royal White Ebony: Angle Cut - The Hero - Square Sale price$1,450.00

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