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Our classic rounded frame made with crossgrained walnut and a carbon fiber core with adjustable earpieces. Hailing from the Hawaiian Islands, Koa wood embodies the spirit of paradise with its warm, golden hues. Harvested with care to protect its limited supply, Koa emphasizes sustainability. Traditionally used in crafting Hawaiian canoes, ukuleles, and exquisite furniture, Koa wood carries a deep connection to Hawaiian culture,Alluring Fumed Oak, derived from European oak forests, exudes an inviting smoky warmth. Sustainable harvesting practices ensure the continued availability of oak. Notably, Fumed Oak undergoes a unique process involving exposure to ammonia fumes, enhancing its natural color and grain,Similar to Walnut Claro, this American wood displays a consistent and straight grain pattern with rich brown hues. It has been favored for crafting gunstocks and high-end furniture and maintains its reputation for quality,Originating from West Africa, particularly West Africa, Wenge is known for its distinctive dark color and durability. Historically used in crafting high-end furniture and musical instruments, responsible sourcing is vital due to concerns about overexploitation,Native to the United States, Walnut Claro showcases deep, warm browns with beautiful grain patterns, making it a sustainable choice for woodworking. With a long history of use in fine furniture and cabinetry, Walnut Claro continues to be a preferred wood for artisans

Koa,Fumed Oak,Walnut: Straight Grain,Wenge,Walnut Claro Dark: Recursive - The Rebel - Round

SKU: SC-829-Round-Clear / No Tint
Koa,Fumed Oak,Walnut: Straight Grain,Wenge,Walnut Claro Dark: Recursive - The Rebel - Round Sale price$1,650.00

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