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Our classic rounded cateye frame made with crossgrained walnut and a carbon fiber core with adjustable earpieces. Italian Ebony, originating in Italy's verdant woodlands, emanates an enduring sense of grace with its profound obsidian hue. Guided by responsible harvesting methods, this opulent wood embodies a commitment to sustainability. Notably, it is crafted from sustainably grown poplar, a noble endeavor aimed at preserving an endangered wood species called Macassar Ebony, renowned for its use in crafting the illustrious Stradivarius violin necks,Similar to Walnut Claro, this American wood displays a consistent and straight grain pattern with rich brown hues. It has been favored for crafting gunstocks and high-end furniture and maintains its reputation for quality

ItalianEbony Full Front Walnut - Core - The Maiden - Cat - 2162

SKU: SC-2162-Cat-Clear / No Tint
ItalianEbony Full Front Walnut - Core - The Maiden - Cat - 2162 Sale price$650.00

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