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Our classic rounded cateye frame made with crossgrained walnut and a carbon fiber core with adjustable earpieces. Alluring Fumed Oak, derived from European oak forests, exudes an inviting smoky warmth. Sustainable harvesting practices ensure the continued availability of oak. Notably, Fumed Oak undergoes a unique process involving exposure to ammonia fumes, enhancing its natural color and grain,This flitch of White Ebony wood showcases a distinctive and rare creamy white/yellow background, creating a striking contrast that adds a brilliant accent to our eyewear. Its uniqueness lies in its exceptional coloration, setting it apart as a rare gem in the world of woodworking.,Kingwood is a stunning hardwood known for its distinctive appearance. In flat cut pieces, it displays a captivating pattern with vivid brownish red veins intricately marbled against a creamy background. Originating from Brazil, this exquisite wood, scientifically known as Dalbergia cearensis, is highly prized in woodworking and decorative arts due to its vibrant hues and elegant figure. Its unique combination of colors adds a touch of sophistication to any crafted item, making it a popular choice among artisans and wood enthusiasts alike.,The stunning Olive Burl wood originates from the ancient olive groves of the Mediterranean. Sourced often from pruned or fallen trees, Olive Burl embodies sustainable practices. This wood has historical significance, symbolizing peace and fertility in various cultures, and its intricate patterns and warm, earthy palette make it a true work of art,Italian Ebony, originating in Italy's verdant woodlands, emanates an enduring sense of grace with its profound obsidian hue. Guided by responsible harvesting methods, this opulent wood embodies a commitment to sustainability. Notably, it is crafted from sustainably grown poplar, a noble endeavor aimed at preserving an endangered wood species called Macassar Ebony, renowned for its use in crafting the illustrious Stradivarius violin necks

Fumed Oak,Royal White Ebony,Kingwood,Olive Burl,Italian Ebony: Geometric - The Maiden - Cat

SKU: SC-1540-Cat-Clear / No Tint-Small
Fumed Oak,Royal White Ebony,Kingwood,Olive Burl,Italian Ebony: Geometric - The Maiden - Cat Sale price$1,450.00

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