Custom eyeglasses

in Los Angeles

Do you have a great idea for a frame? We at Sires Eyewear can custom print any artwork on to our frames. We have mix and matched different types of woods on the same frame for numerous customers in Los Angeles and New York. We will work with you to hand craft your unique vision. Our eyewear stylists will determine which frame shapes and sizes fit your facial structure. Our clients can choose any design in any wood & custom make it to fit their size. We can also fully customize the woods on your frame. We love custom making frames. They stand out from any other frame in the planet.

We can also duplicate any existing frame that you have/love already. One of our designers can touch base with you and let you know about the infinite possibilities. Our masterpiece collection includes oil-painted frames in a “van Gogh” style. We are able to use any color you desire. We can also take the shape and size you prefer, and customize the color and material accordingly. We can make you fully custom eyewear to get you the look that you want and that you are proud of.

Fully customizable options:

  • Style
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Transitional: From clear
  • to tinted

Wide selection based on:

  • Face shape
  • Proportions
  • Your style
  • Lifestyle
  • Needs
  • Eyeglasses, reading glasses,
  • sunglasses, etc.

Eyeglasses / Sunglasses:

Custom Shape

We offer 12 different shapes that come in a variety of sizes.

Custom Size

The size of the glasses varies depending on whether you want/need eye glasses or sunglasses Eyeglasses: modern fit a little bit bigger Eyeglasses: classic fit (smaller fit)

Custom Material

We use three main materials: wood, comic books, vinyl records. However, we can make glasses out of almost anything you desire. We can also mix and match species of wood to achieve the best customized look for you and your needs!



We have developed and refined our virtual shopping experience to make sure we get it right the first time. All you need is access to a smartphone or laptop. Once we are in command, we can take the necessary measurements, send you product mock-ups, or even work with you via screen sharing to customize your own unique eyewear!